Technical features


Ibis Optics is a collaboration and experience of companies in the sector for some time.
We also did our various indications of users for hobby or profession have a certain familiarity with these instruments, with a very regular use.
Each individual line reflects the standards of a request for shared use, both in caratteristihce of quality of construction.
But what we really wanted was the target of a strict selection to get what we consider if not the best, one of the best value for money on the market. The choice of the main components, optical and mechanical, doveveno give our opinion a final product of unquestionable quality, and above all a very attractive price. Ibis Optics born for this.

Technical features:

Ibis Optics with all its range, adopts a critical selection based on the use of the instrument.
Each hobby, every passion must match the one that we believe are a basic tool to meet a very specific need.
Compact, medium, normal or large our tools, while maintaining a very competitive price, trying to meet these demands, and individual construction features, touch the point of customer needs. Low dispersion glass ED treatment dielectric prisms, prisms BAK 4, large field of view or details well defined, compactness and lightness or large amount of lce collection, this are some of the benchmarks on which we roost” in the construction phase.


The challenges posed by Nature you know, are extremely challenging. By those who love astronomy, those who love the Outdoor, who loves Bird watching, Ibis Optics has paid attention, developing in harmony with the field of use tools to meet various needs.
Ibis Optics believes he can offer the market products from quality characteristics unique when compared to the value for money, and presents what could be on the market with the binocular field of view even the largest of 15 °, the Horus.
Revenue to observe us, we will not disappoint.